What is SMILE

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more

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Founded in Warsaw, Poland by award-winning animation director-producer Alek Wasilewski, SMILE is an independent studio making animations, games and stories worth telling. Co-developer of p&c adventure game TSIOQUE.

Thanks to proven experience in remote collaboration with extremely talented people all around the world – years before the Coronavirus made it fashionable – SMILE is the perfect beast, able to adapt perfectly to a current project’s needs.

Depending on scope and scale, we’re capable of handling the complete production pipeline, from concept to final delivery. Small stuff, big stuff and everything in between – once we lock on a project, we get together the best people for the job and get it done.

Selected awards and screenings


* Anifilm (Coheed and Cambria – Toys)
* O!PLA Ogólnopolski Festiwal Polskiej Animacji – Second Prize (Coheed and Cambria – Toys)


* Digital Dragons – Best Indie Game (Tsioque)
* Pixel Heaven – Winner –  Best Audio (Tsioque)
* Pixel Heaven – Nominee –  Indie Grand Prix (Tsioque)
* Pixel Heaven – Nominee –  Best Narrative (Tsioque)
* Pixel Heaven – Nominee –  Retro Roots (Tsioque)

* Barcelona Games World – Games Startup Competition – Winner – Best PC Game (Tsioque)


* Big Cartoon Festival (LDF)


* Play Poland Film Festival (LDF)
* Shanghai International Film Festival (LDF)
* O!PLA Ogólnopolski Festiwal Polskiej Animacji – First Prize (LDF)
* Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival – Grand Prize (LDF)
* Trieste Film Festival (LDF)


* Newgrounds.com – Movie of the Year (LDF)
* Oslo Short Cuts 2012 International Short Film Festival (LDF)
* Monsters & Martians Science Fiction Film Festival (LDF)
* Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams (LDF)
* Computer Space International Computer Art Forum – Special Prize (LDF)
* International Animated Film Festival TINDIRINDIS 2012 (LDF)
* International Film Festival Ars Independent (LDF)
* Asolo Art Film Festival (LDF)
* 19. International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2012 (LDF)
* SCI-FI LONDON Film Festival (LDF)
* 28 Festival du Cinema Européen de Lille (LDF)
* Ogólnopolski Festiwal Autorskich Filmów Animowanych OFAFA (LDF)


* Se-Ma-For Film Festival – Festival Director Award (LDF)
* 30 Koszaliński Festiwal Debiutów Filmowych “Młodzi i Film” (LDF)
* Ljubljana International Short Film Festival (LDF)
* 11. IFF T-Mobile Nowe Horyzonty (LDF)


* Portobello Film Festival London (Hanged Man’s Elegy)
* Fest Anča – International Animation Festival (Hanged Man’s Elegy)
* XIV CARTOON CLUB – Festival Internazionale dell’Animazione e del Fumetto, Rimini (Hanged Man’s Elegy)
* VII Torino Flash Festival (Hanged Man’s Elegy)
* Zinebi – Festival Internacional De Cine Documental Y Cortometraje De Bilbao (Polsupah)
* East End Film Festival (Hanged Man’s Elegy)
* European Independent Film Festival (ÉCU 2008) – Best Animated Film (Hanged Man’s Elegy)
* Skopje Film Festival (Smile!, Polsupah, Hanged Man’s Elegy, 1001 Tips…, A Christmas Special…)
* Amatfest – Festival Neprofesionálnych Filmov (Polsupah)


* Anima Mundi – International Animation Festival of Brazil (Hanged Man’s Elegy)
* Krakowski Festiwal Filmowy (Hanged Man’s Elegy)
* The Greatest Story Never Told (TGSNT) Digital Storytelling Competition – Finalist (Hanged Man’s Elegy)
* International Flash Film Festival FLIK 2007 (Smile!)
* International Film Festival OSKARIADA 2007 (Hanged Man’s Elegy)


* MostraMundo The Moving Image Festival – Web – Best Script (Polsupah)
* MostraMundo The Moving Image Festival – Web – Best Photography (Hanged Man’s Elegy)
* The Greatest Story Never Told (TGSNT) Digital Storytelling Competition – Finalist (Polsupah)
* Festival de Cine Fantástico (FANT) (Polsupah)
* International Film Festival OSKARIADA 2006, Warsaw (Smile!, Polsupah)
* Ogólnopolski Festiwal Autorskich Filmów Animowanych OFAFA (Polsupah, Hanged Man’s Elegy)


* Bradford Animation Festival (BAF) – Best Web Animation (Polsupah)
* Flesztival CG and Animation Festival – Grand Prix (Smile!)
* II Festiwal Animacji “REANIMACJA”, Łódź (Smile!, Polsupah)
* I Krajowy Ponury Festiwal Animacji, Katowice (Smile!, Polsupah)

Talks and Exhibitions


Digital Dragons Academy (Poland)


Barcelona Games World (Poland)


Animocje (Poland)
Digital Cultures (Poland)


Akcja Animacja (Poland)


Computer Space (Bulgaria)


“Wihajster” exhibition (Poland)


“Out Of Site: Industrial” exhibition (Australia)